I am angry, upset and tired, and this is a post for me to let it out.

In this world, I believe,
There are people that we can jive with, live with, be close with, get along with and co-operate with.
There are also people that were not meant to be with us, not aligned to our lifestyle, have the tendency to do bad things to us.

My point here is, I am done approaching this same group of particular people
who always incline to jeopardize my life,
reputation, happiness and peace at a significant scale.

Allow me to protect myself and avoid wasting my time
just to repair further possible damage.
Allow me to grow in peace.
Allow me to call it off to the traitors of my own life.
I don’t contribute to them, neither do I make their life miserable, and the same goes in return.

God gave me brains to think for my own life.
This is my decision today and I am firm with it.
At the moment, I am not going to repeat the painful history again and again.

Remember that one says "Choose your friends wisely."
That is also been taught in the Islamic faith.

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