bored and envious

Not a good combination of two adjectives.

Today is a very slow Monday for me.
Containing the least energy that I packed in during sahur, I am experiencing that the office is extremely chilly nowadays.
And if it were chilly during normal days, I could at least take a break to buy something to munch at the café and make hot tea at the pantry.

Yes! A lot of job tasks are laid in front me on my desk, one after another, to be executed and completed. After a while it becomes boring, and the office is so quiet today as a lot of us are taking leave since tomorrow, Tuesday is a public holiday. So they can go for vacation and stuff.

I started clicking the IE and browse through other people’s blogs, and that’s when the unnecessary feeling of envy will seep in.

Oh, she went to New York.
Oh, he has an iPad.
Oh, how come he can get that big mansion?!
Oh, great, you don’t need to work but still can get money that easily.

The strange thing is, sometimes I don’t really long to have the things that people have, but it just came out of jealousy.

Ah, don’t tell me that you don’t have such ill feelings. We all do!
Heard of people saying, “You’re just being jealous”?
Really, stop and look inside you.
Maybe it’s true.

Today I am going to look at it the other way round.
True, it is encouraged to practice having a good heart and drop such negative thoughts,
but what can be done when you have this ill feeling inside?

Observe it. Be aware of it. Embrace it.
Realize that we are human beings with multicolor of feelings inside.
Accept that it’s a natural human trait that could come anytime.

Only then we can decide whether our response to the “ill-feeling” will be for the better or worse.

So yeah. I HATE that you got to go to New York, but- good for you. LOL!

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Little Fox said...

you know i used to think like that until i realize that there is no point for my mind to function that way.

So i changed how it works and see the bigger picture: what would happen i had x? what am i gonna end up with? will i just want more?

usually more than enough to stop and make me come to my senses....

but good work observing your mind. now time to take action and retrain it :)

the fox has been practicing mind training too.