being inferior

I saw something about myself.

I've realized that I've always been feeling small,
And recently that inferiority is eating me up.

It has made me stuck in life that I feel stagnant, not moving forward.
I wasn’t putting in that faith that I could actually produce great results and have great achievements.
Everything that I’ve put effort to is solely based on trying to prove myself and trying to cover up my inferiority complex.
Each time a person gives a bad opinion on me, I took it like a stab in the heart and I feel paralyzed.
And that struggle makes me tired.
Man, I am so stuck up!

I’m giving that up.
For all the things that I am doing now and for all the things that I will take on to in the future,
Just because I wanted to and just because I know that they are essential in me going to the next step of achievements and contributions, because I believe that I can.

Having myself in a free space, I am starting to check back into my own integrity in life.
The promises that I haven’t fulfilled.
The pending responsibilities that I haven’t completed.
The upsets of people that I should give up.

Then, the path will be clear for me to create.

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