burgers turned me preggers

As you know, I have been a gym freak for quite some time.

If it is a good fun time, I could go up to 1000 times of light crunches and 100 times on the machine abs with weight.
I’ve done chin-ups, pull-ups, and rapid quick repetition sets on machines for the other parts of the body.

Chest is getting significantly improved, more room of improvement on the shoulders and arms, but they are getting slightly bigger too. And my weight goes up from 45 to 51 kgs.

I get the above result also for this favorite and easy diet- a burger for each day, best eaten before a good workout. The bigger the burger, the better it is.


A few weeks ago,I noticed a slight increase in the tummy.
Last few days I decided to add another thing in my work out- to run and burn 50 calories.

My tummy flab got worse after my trip back from Batu Pahat.
Yeah, my friend was pointing out about my diet:

Everything must have a slab of cheese.
Two main fattening dishes at a time.
Even the iced chocolate is requested to be topped with whipped cream.

I had a panic attack when I squatted down this morning, and saw my belly desperately trying to fold its bulge. I am now officially pregnant, in not a good way. Luckily no twins or triplets.

I looked up the net and here is what I got about burgers:

And I received an sms from a dear friend:

Yeah you can gain muscle very fast, but you are also consuming fat, which stays as fat. To gain mass, you have to consume 1000cals more than usual, but it doesn’t mean consuming fat. More lean meat, but not deep fried processed food- which is rich in calories and fat from the process food as well as the oil that they use to refry so many times and the fat gets collected inside.. huuuu…. The fat will then covers all your organs, because you’re not doing much cardio, how’s that? Sorry I am a bit mean but from the beginning I disagree with your determination in eating burgers, because it’s pure fat and rich in sodium, and no nutrition.

Take that! The nutrition table proved it too.

So yeah, with the wiping of my tears away from the corner of my eye, I wave a small cotton handkerchief and say farewell to Burger King and Big and Tasty Mc D.

I am going to say no on cakes, sweet rich concoctions, ice cream, chendol, etc.
More pure sugarless juice like plain nice watermelon or green tea.

And say hello Subway sandwich, and occasional Nandos!

So here I declare for my life:

The possibility of reduced tummy, bigger arms, defined chest and back,
by December 11th, 2010.

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