about swimming and music

Yesterday it rained cat and dogs and cows again. So I only got to go home at seven after the rain subdued.

After reaching home, I called Miss Koh for dinner. Miss Koh was coincidentally cooking dinner, so I just hopped in.

Then we went for a swim at the pool. I was like doing half of my laps, and then Miss Koh wanted to do his “I want to teach you butterfly strokes” again.

This time I just give in, and actually hey it was not that bad. My “butterfly” strokes, hopefully it could be called as butterfly strokes, made me move from the edge to the center of the pool. Perhaps with “a few” practices, it would improve.

I already got a bit bored with my collection of wind symphony mp3s, so I went through Miss Koh’s collection of wind orchestra CDs. Now I have decided to rip and listen to heavier pieces, such as Clowns by Parker, of grade five. Other than that are pieces by McBeth and Barnes. This is considered a good thing, to improve my music appreciation to another level. LOL.

To think that you can actually get permanent residence in Singapore, and they have a very strong music conservatory there, sometimes I dream of going there and get a job and do part time studying in trumpet.

I don’t know, it’s just a sweet, sweet dream.

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