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Was it UPM which had this racial argument on the controversial Ethnic Relations text book? I was on the way to the office and I saw something about “Students request.. (can’t read that fast).. UPM”.

My goodness. Some people are really trying to fight their ideology, no matter what the consequences would be. This is Malaysia, and we do have a constitution that has already been agreed, no matter how bizarre and unfair the content seem to be. The country is formed within a very crucial set of formulae; making it extremely different than even the closest neighboring countries; Thailand and Singapore. Same kind of faces; different kind of policies.

I mostly agree with what these high spirited students are trying to fight about, but like a friend of my friend, she’s into communism yet she do not really go and fight about that. No, I am not into communism; that is already out of the point.

I really hope these things would come to a good end. It’s a bit worrying. And I really hope that the leaders would be more transparent and fair. It’s very bad to take advantage and misuse the rights that they have.

Yesterday I was browsing through my friend’s huge collection of classical CDs, and I found this CD recording performed by the UPM Symphony Orchestra. It was impressive. They played true classical pieces, such as one piano concerto written by Tchaikovsky. That was in year 2001. Today, the whole music faculty including the orchestra was closed, because the concluded reason was that the Chinese students have outnumbered the Malays. The administration could even come out to the solution of completely close down the whole department, regardless that it already has quality or not. Imagine that. GOSH.

Anyway, I am just telling something that I feel, and I am no activist to go and fight about it. I just prefer the whole country to be at peace rather than small disputes been taken too seriously and unwanted clashes would happen.

Maybe it’s the imperfectness that makes the whole world perfect.

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