my Sunday lunch (part 1)

Yesterday was a full Sunday. I mean, my tummy was full.

It started with a friend who met me at Plaza Damas, Hartamas, at lunch hour. After he was done with his job at the spa, he treated me the first lunch of the day at The Coast. The design theme was something like TGIF or Chillis, but a bit less pricey on the food.

I ordered bolognaise and he ordered a whole chicken leg meal thingy. There were only the two of us in the whole restaurant, but it took ages for the food to arrive.

And then the food arrived.

For six bucks you can actually get a very delicious plate of bolognaise at Pizza Hut, but for ten bucks, the bolognaise at The Coast was almost not edible at all. It was horrible, the worst pasta I have ever tasted in my life. I am not exaggerating ya. At least the cheap 2 bucks bolognaise from 7 Eleven was edible even though it tasted like sardine.

And as for my friend’s food, he requested more veggies to exchange with the fries. The veggies were in really huge chunks, (perhaps their knife suddenly shattered or something like that) and the veggies were already been inside the fridge for quite some time already. They were squishy, the cauliflowers are a bit yellow, and when you press the carrots, water will come out. And the pineapple slice was fried on a dirty pan and one side of it was black. The whole chicken was dry, there was no gravy at all.

I requested cheese powder and he requested gravy to ‘repair’ our lunch.

The cheese powder arrived, and it tasted really funny. The smell was strong it almost made me cough. And as for the gravy, it was plain barbeque sauce, straight from the bottle, not modified at all by the whoever inside the kitchen that they might call ‘the chef’.

I quickly gobbled up my food to get over with it already. I was hungry anyway. Then after I was done, I tried the carrots in my friend’s plate, yeah, they tasted really… sucks. And my friend tried my cheese powder, and actually the cheese powder is already expired. No wonder the smell was so chemically strong.

The bill total was more than thirty bucks, so we got the free ice cream inside fried tortilla. The tortilla was fried until it curved like the shape of an uneven bowl, and they put the vanilla ice cream inside, with strawberry syrup.

And then when that dessert came…

The tortilla was like the Indian ‘pepedem’ (excuse my spelling) and because of the funny bowl shape of it, each time you want to scoop the ice cream with your spoon, the whole thing will spin. And the cheap vanilla ice cream actually tasted like ‘jagung’ ice cream.

My goodness. At least we all know that we SHOULD NOT go to THE COAST at Plaza Damas.

Don’t say I never warn you.

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