my Sunday lunch (part 2)

I had just stepped my foot on Damansara ground when suddenly dad called me up and urged me to go to KL and attend a wedding of my mom’s relative side. This side is the Terengganu-Kuantan descendants and they are some sort of the wealthier type of people. To make it clear, actually they are the family of my mom’s cousin, and my mom used to grow up with these people since last time her own family was poor. She was sort of adopted by this family.

Years already that my family have not met this side of the bloodline, so I wondered what will happen when we were at the wedding. When we arrived there, mom and my other siblings were already done and they were about to go back home.

So it was just me and dad, being the late-comers.

We entered the banquet hall, and the whole thing was semi-lavish, with yellow (wilting) roses everywhere, and the wedding couple were taking last few photos with the family and friends.

Before hand, I and dad queued at the buffet table and since I was full with The Coast lunch, I decided to just take a bit of the food to taste.

After eating, now is the moment that we are waiting for. Prepare a plastic smiley friendly face, and greet the long lost relatives.

Most of the time dad will lead me and I will shake and kiss the hands of granny-cousin, auntie-cousin, in a prim and proper way. I was already wearing my new pink Seed shirt and a new pair of jeans, so I looked just perfect for the day.

And I also had to meet with the Dato’ and his wife the Datin, and this Dato’ (who have a set of daughters but sons: none) was so keen on me. I could see it when his eyes was weirdly shining and he keep on patting me on my neck, and grip on my arm so hard. “Ini kalau bertumbuk tengah jalan pun tak kenal ni,” he jokingly said, meaning that I look really different now.

I put on the most charming smile to all these people and my father had to spoil the moment (I know his intend was to ‘help me during awkward moments’) when it came to the part that they were asking me the cliché ‘what are you doing now?’.

Relative:: So what are you doing now? Where do you work?

Blondie:: I am doing computer. I am working in the middle of KL-

Dad:: -He still hasn’t finished his studies yet. Sikittt saja lagi.

Dang. And it happened a few times you know.

And then there was conversation between dad and them, on “where are you staying now”, and “how’s business”, and things like that- before the actual awkward moment came. All of us will be standing rigidly and keep silent because of nothing in common to talk about; and then dad excused himself and me, to meet another relative. Very the.

And then we were done. I went to my bike to Damansara, and dad into his car to KL.

Can’t forget that awkward moment though.

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