my Sunday lunch (part 3)

Ah, finally I was in Damansara again.

I slump myself on the floor of private teacher’s house and everyone had just eaten the lunch brought by him from his home town. Yeah, that was my third lunch. But I took just a bit because I was already bloated with wedding rice and bad Western food.

After watching the musical Rent with them, I rode my bike to the pool and only got myself ten laps of swimming. My stamina level was low again. Either because I was bloated with food, or because I haven’t swam these few days due to no transportation and rainy evenings.

After that I had a good simple grocery shopping spree with the gang at Tesco. My total purchase was less than twenty bucks:

Chicken meatballs,
Magee noodles,
Baby corn and carrots,
(yeah I plan to eat noodles when it rains)

And a new small bottle of Lucidol hair wax. The one I am using now is going to finish soon.

Oh, and I was driving pakar saintis’s car and I was so distracted. Got lost a few times. (Not gonna blog about it. Let the rest do.)

Sekian adanya my Sunday activities.

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