Stated in the newspaper, the South Johore Economic Region is a plan to develop South Johore to boost it into one like Kuala Lumpur. Actually the plan is aligned together with the crooked bridge, but the bridge was not going to be a reality, in the respect of the diplomatic relationship between us and Singapore.

However, the plan to develop the region continues. Among the infrastructure that will be built is an international theme park, a medical center, educational facilities and a whole new waterfront city.

'Ultimately, we want to transform this region and put it on the world map as a premier destination for living, business and leisure,'
-Minister Abdul Ghani Othman

Obviously this is to compete with the neighboring Singapore, and rumors said that they are trying to counter this by allowing Air Asia to land in their airport, and the suggestion of creating a speed train line from Kuala Lumpur to the heart of the island.

It’s good to know that finally Johore; a slowly-paced city is going to be a fast growing center soon. Maybe in future I could kill two birds with one stone; by visiting both new Johore and Singapore too. Provided my passport is not expired yet.

Who knows, one day we would say, “Let’s go shopping and have fun in Johore”.

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