dorm thai horror movie :: a satisfaction

Experienced my teen life for five years in the dormitory, I felt really related to this movie. The eerie feeling walking along the dark corridor in the night, and going to the toilet alone, I experienced that. And the fact that I always go and swim in the old swimming pool that almost looked like the pool where the boy drowned; it made me really get involved when I watch this movie.

One moment in the movie reminds me back exactly what I felt when I was in high school: the loneliness, the helplessness, in the midst of a hundred of boys; but I am still alone.

This movie is not suitable to watch if you are a hardcore horror movie lover. Instead, this movie has a dip of horror, mixed with humor and powerful message of friendship bond; altogether.

This movie has nothing extreme and couldn’t be labeled as gory. It teases you with a pinch of scary scenes and suspense in the beginning, but the thing that really haunted me was how the boy felt when he got drowned, and what the two main characters had to face before it directed to a good end.

To me, this movie is beautiful.

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