crappy award ceremony again

Last weekend I stayed at home and watched the 2006 Anugerah Era. This year’s theme, according to my observation, is about fashion. Literally fashion, because they even have a catwalk ring that extended from the stage towards a part of the audience who attended the event.

A few catwalk sessions were done between a few sets of award announcements, and these fashion collections were created by unknown amateurs. And all the clothes being shown were horrendous.

For example, one collection by this designer is about the colors red, blue and white. Maybe the whole skirt is red, and the sleeves are white and the whole center top is blue.

Another one, so-called inspired by the designs of Dior, were all golden but the cutting and the shine of the whole collection looks so cheap and faux.

Enough of the fashion already.

All the awards given in this ceremony are based on the number of votes by the listeners of the radio station. So as what we have expected; the number-one-singer-without-quality managed to grab seven awards.

And the funny part is that his video clip won the best video clip award. So as long as you can get the most votes, you can still win regardless that your video is like a cheap raya at the kampong scene with people stirring the dodol and such. Gosh! I and my friend (who always bitch about TV awards) were speechless when this video clip won the award. It doesn't even deserve to be nominated at all!

On the next day, I watched this repeat of Ning Baizura, at Studio 1. It’s a small show where the singer can get closer to her fans. True as what people said about her, she can actually perform excellently in small closed events. She was superb, even though the hair was a bit messy and out.

Anyway, she really needs to build up her confidence in big shows like Anugerah Era. I have watched her performing in this small Dior function in KLCC. It was amazing.

Oh, if you guys are a fan of Ning, Yanie and Nikki, here is a link which might catch your interest.

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