the time has come

Goodbye, we have been together since I was 12. When I was in secondary, you went away unknown. You were replaced, but that replacement went away too. I admit that it’s my fault of not taking care of you and your replacement carefully, until both of you went away, ‘kidnapped’ by other people. And after a year, someone sent you back to me when they found you.

But now we have to be departed for good. Goodbye. I have to follow what the society wants. They say that you are no good for me anymore.

But I still care for you, because you were always there since I was still a small boy. But now I have to continue my life, regardless that you are not there.

Now I will have to live up with your second replacement, and I hope that this new replacement will be with me always.

So long.

Goodbye, my first standard six IC. Hello MyKad.

p/s: I don’t like you know. My photo in MyKad VERY UGLY.

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Anonymous said...

hehehe.. the same apply to me.. gamabo my kad.. comot btol :p -lin