facts of the shopping mall

At the Ikea café, I will buy two pieces of curry puff and I will drink two cups of coffee with lots of milk. I will get really dizzy and the world will spin after that. *Groan.. all the nice things have their price*

If I pass by the toys section, I will excuse myself and let my friends go ahead. I will spend my time browsing at the pink boxes, looking at what’s new in the Barbie fashion trend. *Oh dear*

I will spend more time in house interior shops, looking at the cushion covers, window drapes, and unique Balinese or Oriental ornaments. *Gosh what’s with me*

I always love Nike shoes. But all the Nike shoe designs that I like happen to have WMNS printed inside them whenever I pick them. *Darned*

All swimming trunks are boringly black and dark blue. I want to go to Lot 10 Bodyknits again. I have a bright orangey low-cut Bodyknits trunk now *tee hee hee*

My friend accidentally kicked the huge wooden duck in front of a gift shop. *Hahaha*

I really like the bright striped red-and-blue Renoma shirt but it costs a hundred bucks after discount. *Hmph*

I prefer Dome and Starbucks than the rest of the coffee shops, because other coffee shops like the Coffee Bean have really bitter coffee. Oh, I don’t really drink coffee actually but I mentioned about coffee more than twice here. *Weird*

I always go to the pet store and compare my Hoshi with the sickly measly iguanas there. But there was one green fat iguana at Mega Mall, and it really reminded me of Hoshi. *Cute!*

It’s nice to go to the Jusco marketplace and get myself a low-cost sushi set. *Yummy*

It’s even nicer to go to Giant with dad and buy lots and lots and lots of groceries.

I skidded at the Bangsar Mc Donald’s while going up the stairs, and my fries and orange juice flew from my tray, and fell on to the stairs.

I re-bonded my hair a few years ago. *Choi!* And I spent 400 bucks for that. *Double choi!*

I bought my lovely Seiko watch at Sungei Wang. I came really early in the morning, just after dad gave me the money, and waited for the shops to start their business. The earliest shop got me as their first customer.

A group of promoters flocked in front of me and my friend, to advertise their foreign language classes. My friend answered, “Dah ada, dah ada.” *Like talking to the carpet seller like that*

I tried a cheap Tesco brand of cereal, and it tasted like plastic.

Wow, that’s a lot of things to do at the mall. And they sound boring too. I don’t care! I am gonna post this anyway! *Snigger*

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