wahlau so perasan

It was quite early when I, private teacher and pakar IT went to Uptown for our dinner.

The chee cheong fun (also known as yong tau fu) stall was full of people, the longest queue that we have ever seen our whole life going to that stall.

I was on budget, can’t afford the bolognaise, or the slightly costly Malay dishes, so I went into the long queue.

There was this girl (that looked exactly like the orchestra-biatch-girl) in front of me, and she suddenly turned around with one weird look, as if I am a pervert going to pinch her butt or something.

And then the even uglier boyfriend in front of her switched places with her, as if trying to be a satire to protect her ugly girl from me. D’oh? I purposely walked closer and brushed myself against this ugly guy just to annoy him.

Very the.

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