silent hill

Have you ever having a mood downfall and you feel not like talking to anyone around you?

I have seen people who suddenly act weird to everyone because of a lot of things. Some, may have a very serious personal problem to deal with. Some can even be moody the whole day just because the clerk at the counter was rude.

I experienced someone who is having a very strange mood today. It’s a bit complicated to analyze, because the person was being cold towards me and yet was fine towards the others. I thought hard, was it me the one who caused the trouble but I can’t seem to find my fault. Oh dear.

Talking about having a long day, or having bad mood, it’s hard to resist talking when my friends are around. The worst that can happen is just me being silent for ten minutes tops, and then I will be chatting cheerfully with them again.

Especially when this friend is nearby me.

I started knowing this friend during my first comeback after my long retreat from the university orchestra. The orchestra revived after it was half-dead, and that time we were playing nice songs like Ross Roy by Jacob de Haan.

This friend was a joyful person, and able to maintain his cool at all times.

He had gone through even the hardest part, that was when his favorite companion died and at the same time he had to juggle with the challenge of completing his thesis, during his final year. Picture that, you have to carry a big responsibility when at the same time you do not have the spirit to do anything at all, because of the loved one that you lost.

This friend does have his naughty side of teasing people, but if you know this friend very well, it’s just the innocent playful side of him if you don’t take it seriously.

I have witness this friend grew up becoming a very independent person, through all the challenges of life that he has experienced.

I saluted him when he could give a carpenter’s helping hand when he assembled his friends’ furniture in the middle of the night.

I am so grateful that he never mind at all lending some money to me when I was broke, anytime we had fun watching movie, or eating out, or even when we had a vacation at his hometown in Malacca.

And this friend was the one who replied to my weird text messages at the middle of the night when I need a friend to bear with my psychotic loneliness.

I only remembered once having an argument with this friend. It’s only a silly argument, but the fact that I remembered it means that this is one of the friends that I can get along together with very well.

This friend will always bring me to the cheerful mood each time after I had a long sad day. Meeting him, listening the gossips and the way that he tried to distract me from my negativity, is something that I really treasure.

Directly and indirectly, this friend had taught me how to make my own day with my own spirit and courage.

This friend is funny, witty, and all that you want to have from a friend.

I am thankful to have this friend.

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