hitting the road

I have a friend. My friend has a car. Sometimes I would ride this cute car of my friend to go and eat supper in any cool area in Damansara.

My friend’s car is a small economical car, which consumes less petrol than the other huge cars. This car has brought the owner to a lot of places, in Damansara and Kuala Lumpur.

My friend is a really cautious driver. This friend would drive at a very moderate speed, and maneuver the car carefully everytime being behind the wheel.

But too bad, drivers in the city vary in a lot of types. There are rude drivers who just change lanes without any warning. There are drivers who would horn at you even though it is not your fault. There are drivers who speed scarily on the road without concerning about other people’s safety.

So how did my friend responded to such people? My friend would curse out loud. My friend would shout and say how moron these drivers are. My friend would even speed slightly faster.

When my friend reacted to such cases, I would be a bit scared. I would keep quiet and just give a sad smile. It was odd, sad but funny too.

Someone told me;
“There are too many inconsiderate and emotional drivers on the road. If we learn to keep cool when we are driving, and just drive peacefully even when we counter other rude drivers, at least we would be one more good respectful driver in the city. There are so many rude drivers, so by adding one polite driver into the statistic, it would be really significant.”

Nowadays my friend do not curse anymore while driving on the road. When there is a driver behind would rudely pressing the car horn, my friend would just give way and uttered the words that reflected the civilized background of a driver.

I am impressed.

I am proud of my friend driver.

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lyana said...

wah..macam buat karangan darjah satu...=)

bila kah en airswift nak test drive manual tiara???