so i'm blogging now

Yes, roll your eyes ladies and gentlemen, but I am going to write my blonde journal today. I had a very hot and long and sticky day today so I deserve writing a blog. Hik.

Yesterday, as usual the water fairy went to the pool after work. And then it rained. I waited for the rain to stop for hours until the water fairy title can turn into a frog already.

So when I had it already, I swam my bike into the rain, I was as wet as in my swimming trunk. If I knew earlier, I should have not changed at all; just stick to my trunk and ride the bike home, like a baby with diapers riding the tricycle.

When I arrived home drenched, luckily no one was in the apartment, so I just stripped off everything and tossed them into the washing machine.

After the rain had stopped and I was squeaky clean and fluffy dry, I went down and started my bike to go out for dinner.

Have you ever noticed the structure of a cloth peg? Have you seen the small metal wire that pin both sides of the thing together? What are the odds of that small metal wire existing on the middle of the road?

That funny thing got stuck in my bike’s rear tire, and punctured it.

I couldn’t use my bike so I chose to take a cab instead.

That was last night. Today, in the afternoon, I had to push my bike towards the workshop in Kota Damansara. That is like a few kilometers away.

I got exhausted and stopped at the petrol station. There were actually contact numbers posted there for punctured tire services, so I had to go back home and call them but no one answered. It’s a Saturday anyway.

So I walked back to my bike, and the petrol people there suggested me to push my bike to the flats at the other side of the road. But after I pushed my bike there, the workshop was closed. It’s a Saturday anyway.

I came to the part where I couldn’t stand pushing my bike here there everyway. My bike is supposed to bring me around, not the other way round. So I went up the bike, and rode it; and me and my bike can wobble and wobble together.

Some of the people that I know always say; do not go to the Chinese workshops because they will charge you more. I purposely went to the Chinese workshop. I went to the Indian workshops and they talked and talked and talked in Tamil spending their grandmother’s own sweet time to finish up the work. I went to the Malay workshops and they were plain dumb and blur, and couldn’t respond at us until we snap our fingers loud at their face. This is not a made up story. This is based on my own experience.

The Chinese workshop on the other hand, they will give me the best service that they can. They are friendly, and of course they would suggest us to replace all the parts (if can they want us to buy a new bike already) but you can always smile and say, no, next time.

So my bike was repaired and apart of the whole hardship of pushing it everywhere, I am happy that the bike is now okay.

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