Yesterday on Friday the rain started to fall just after I kick started my bike engine. I went back upstairs, took of my shirt to avoid it being wrinkled, and lay down on the carpet hall.

When the rain stopped, since I am already late, I decided to go to Taman Tun Maxis center to register my prepaid phone account. It was the 15th of the month and they said they are going to block all unregistered numbers.

I have not been to Taman Tun for years, I got lost for a few times. There were actually different area of different shop house lots, and I always ended up at the wrong row.

Registering was easy. They just swipe your ugly MyKad into the machine slot and you will get free five hundred ringgit,cash.

You wish!!!

I mean, they swipe your MyKad and your data will be automatically registered.

And I got a free Siti Nurhaliza poster too!

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