I was watching a live soap opera again. But this time I was so involved, I was in fury.

That Friday night; me, and my housemate followed the boss to another club in KL. We went there just to entertain the boss’s friend from Thailand who is having his six day holiday in Kuala Lumpur.

So we finally entered the club and there was an event, I mean, competition of drag queens impersonating Whitney Houston or Janet Jackson.

Our Thai friend was restless. He was holding the Carlsberg bottle with his right hand, look bored. Perhaps he wanted to dance.

After a while he went to the gents. It took him a while to join us again.

Because of the event, the whole big hall was a big stagnant, no one was dancing; to watch the competition. I went downstairs to the retro dance floor to check it out but since it was not a Saturday night, no one was down there. I would be a fool if I dance there alone.

I went back upstairs and the boss was upset. He suspected that the Thai visitor was up to no good at the toilet. I checked out but I saw him doing his hair in front of the toilet mirror. Nothing suspicious. I assured the boss that nothing to be worried about.

After the very long unwanted drag queen event ended, they returned the dance floor to the crowd.

Spotlights, laser beams, and booming speakers filled up the hall.

And then it happened.

Thai guy suddenly went straight to the other side of the hall, ignoring me complimenting his jacket.

One by one, a series of guys approached him.

While drinking his beer, they were laughing, holding each other’s neck, talking closely at the ear.

It was something that I do not expected. We tried to justify the situation; we just see it as something that good looking guys will have to counter with; the long stream of guys trying to lure them.

The boss was really in his low moods and went straight downstairs, isolating himself.

I ignored the situation and continued to dance. Even though I tried to believe in the theory that I made up about good looking guys, deep in me I think Thai guy shouldn’t have go and respond to anyone flirting with him. Instead he should be with us, who are the hosts of his vacation.

I went on dancing with my housemate. And at a point, my housemate when downstairs to be with the boss and to comfort him.

I was dancing alone, trying to enjoy myself, and trying to ignore the sight of act of this inconsiderate visitor, but it really made me mad whenever I glanced at him with these unknown guys gathering around him.

After a while, I decided to go downstairs to meet my friends to go back home. With my sweetest face I could pretend with, I gave an eye signal to call the oh so gorgeous guy to follow me.

And then it became too obvious.

When we were downstairs, suddenly Mr Thai excused himself to go the toilet upstairs.

And not even a minute after that, one of the guys that he flirted with suddenly got a message in his phone. Immediately he went upstairs.

It was so clear that they are doing something upstairs at the toilet.

I can’t believe how this creature have treated my friend. I had four sticks that night.

It’s so sad that an account manager who at first gave the best impression of his friendliness and well manner, but at the end we discovered that he is a slut.

I really saluted the boss who kept his cool and decided to be a respectful host until the day he sent the visitor back to his land, for good.

That was the time when all the accusations of bad image being reflected clearly by the place human called as the disco.

When it was all only about fun.

When it was about people flirting among each other, in a meaningless manner.

When it is only about sex.

When that alcoholic drink really showed the disgraceful side of you.

A very disturbing drama indeed.

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Perky said...

Lol! I still remember the convensyen we had last night. Well if it's up to me, I say "KICK THE F*CKER OUT!"