we are doomed

Scream. Get freaked out.

The fashion invaders from outer space have already attacked all Damansara malls.

I need a dark colored shirt to add to my wadrobe.

Therefore I went to Ikano to go to the hugest Seed and Padini boutique to see the shirts on sale. But when arrived there, there was no sale whatsoever. There were no huge boxes containing half-priced shirts. I tried to browse through those new arrivals, and they are not my type at all.

So I went to One Utama. Jusco was the first target and I went to the Seed and Padini section. Yes! They have those half priced shirts.

But all the shirts were ugly.

Imagine a deep purple shirt with fat black stripes. Doesn’t sound bad? Imagine something like immigrants would wear. Now you get the idea.

Imagine plain white Seed shirts with pale thin stripes. They are so common and prim and proper. And Seed; should NOT be prim and proper.

And then! I spotted this Padini shirt that cikgu dramatis have eyed before. It’s a shirt with stripes of different shade of green. It’s nice and it’s a hundred ringgit at original price. Now it’s sold at half price!

I immediately took the smallest size and tried it.

I felt like wearing a robe.

And that is S size.

What happened to Seed and Padini, which is supposed to cater the yuppy and the gay needs?

I went out of Jusco and went straight to Soda.

Soda is my favorite designer. It’s affordable and simple. And most of all the slim cut suits me very well. I was told that Soda is a Thai designer. No wonder.

Soda is located at the row of shops linking between the old and the new wing.

I walked to and fro. Eh? Where is Soda?

Oh my God. Soda is no longer there. For good. It’s already closed!

So I went to Key Ng. Key Ng has a loud set of shirt designs, and the price is quite loud too.

But when I browse through the shirts this time, they are either too plain and not worth buying, or too wrong for formal attire. Imagine a striped shirt with an abstract of coconut tree suddenly seen on top of it.

So I walked to the end of One Utama and entered U-Parkson.

The men department setting suddenly looks so weird. Most of the area are invaded with ugly unwanted Renoma shirt (Renoma is nice ONLY when you buy the brief or the tanga or the boxers). And the brand that I always look forward to see; Tony Jeans, is gone.

What? How come Tony Jeans is no longer here? And what’s left beside Renoma are names like Charles Jourdan (choi) and Bonia (double choi). This reminds me of the closing of Bods Bodyknits in MegaMall and you can only buy plain boring blue or black trunks from Ogival.

So I went back home, worried, shirtless.

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