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The career gals around me really envy me nowadays. I am back to my holiday mood of sleeping at the wrong hour and waking up at the bizarre timing too.

Recently I also had a small celebration for myself (this is just a lame excuse, I do admit that I have a weird shopping habit at sudden period of time) and this time I really shopped until I drop.

I bought a new pair of red chili BodyKnits swimming trunks, and three Bodyglove t-shirts, one red-white stripey belt, and the Dorm Thai supernatural movie DVD (can’t categorize it as ‘horror flick’ because dramatic teacher won’t agree with that, hik).

Recently I had dinner with a friend at Genki Sushi and with the university gang at Secret Recipe too.

And one thing that I regret buying was the new compilation CD of Siti Nurhaliza with nothing new in it, except Because You Loved Me which I can actually download from the net, anytime soon.

Due to my overwhelming expenditure, I realized that I am on tight budget again so now I survived on bread and eggs but yesterday I cooked myself the instant four bucks macaroni and cheese.

Now I still have one burden which is quite hard to do, when I am in my holiday mood: my internship report. Well, I still need to do it though…

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