this internship has come to its end

It’s one hour to go before my lecturer will come and have an assessment on my industrial training here at Jalan Raja Chulan.

Months passed so swiftly, and now finally (even though it is quite weird to admit it ) this is the last day of myself being an internship trainee.

A lot of things had happened in those few months.

Siti Nurhaliza’s grandeur wedding.

I had my nail bleed and broken and it grew back again.

My bike was confiscated by the authority for parking illegally at the curb.

Our friend had his drama of attachment from a foreign country and it did not work out.

The KL LV boutique renovated and re-launched.

I started to swim every afternoon.

Alam Shah won the band competition at ISME, KL Convention Centre, along with its politics.

Hoshi started calling me “Mama”.

Hik. Iguanas don’t speak at the first place, okay.

And yeah, I went to a foreign country, the wild Southern part of Thailand; Phuket and Hatyai.

I am quite lucky (again) that everything went smoothly, and another phase is going to pass. Regardless that I felt like being a useless bum at the first few weeks, it went better and better and I had fun.

So I guess this is it! A few hours and I am jobless again. Can’t wait for stay-ups and napping in mid-day…

p/s: Look at the map. The Jalan Tengah Jalan is the jalan where we always buy our breakfast and lunch. But we bought the food tepi jalan la, not tengah jalan.

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