the prodigal son

I do not know what has gotten into me.

But I was being passive for the whole time when we were in Taiping, at my mom's childhood place.

I was being impolite of not shaking hands with everyone.

I slept most of the time, in the room, and mom kept on scolding that I don't mix around.

And then I sulked, and that was when mom said that I should pack my bags and my family would send me to the bus station on the second day.

I suddenly became fresh and packed my stuff, and I even got the luck of getting the ticket home for the bus which was departing fifteen minutes after I arrived at the Kemunting station.

No, there was no argument between me and mom.

But it was like an awkward moment when we actually talked to each other.

I arrived at my apartment at two in the morning, and I was still wondering, what is wrong.

There is nothing to be proud of, but it made me wonder of my own self.

Perhaps it was for the better for both sides; I had to go back early, and she would still have a nice time at kampung without me, and my other siblings are still around.

I don't know.

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