so you think you are fashionable is it?

Somebody anonymous had been giving unwanted comments on my blog lately. He says that I am cheapskate, and he says that Jaya Jusco is a cheapskate store.

Well, personally I and my group of friends are offended with this kind of “vogue than thou” people. They think money can buy style, and they think that the price tag and the brand are the only meaning of being fashionable.

We, have already experienced knowing people who buy Versace and wears gold and he looked like a sad old drag queen. He could have looked better and great if he channeled his expenditure more wisely and have better taste. Or at least accept advice from his friends.

I don't really like to blog about my series of blind dates, but this one is relevant to what I am talking about. There is this one guy who thinks that LV is cheapskate for bringing Siti Nurhaliza during their official launch. Wrong person to bitch about Siti, yah. And then he can amazingly impressively talk about Dior Homme, Calvin Klein and what nots.

But on the night that I met him, he drove the ugliest local car that we all would not like. A Kenari. That one is still okay, but when I entered, the whole car reeked of a person with bad breath. Who else if not him, because he said that he stuff everything under the sun into his diet. Perhaps that includes Madagascar roaches too.

He had the palest sick looking skin that made all my fair-skinned friends look like Baywatch lifeguards. And he said that he is already tanned.

He had the weirdest haircut which elongates the front part, and he combed it center parted. I don't care if you cut your hair at Acut Above, but if that's the product, it's such an insult.


These people who claimed that they have taste, actually don't. Name brands and price tags are not everything.

And oh please do not talk about fashion ( I mean, please do not EVEN open your mouth at all) if your mouth stinks like a garbage bin.

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