even ning sang the song entitled drama

Someone told me that he is not into people who have drama in their life.

How can that possibly be?

A relationship is not only about sharing the good things in life. True, we could have fun skiing or have a vacation in Bali together. We could even have a lovely time cuddling each other while cooking a nice meal for dinner.

But we also seek shelter from our partner. A word of caring advice. A word of concern and love. When we are down and when we have a harsh time, we will seek our significant other for comfort.

I admit that I myself have drama in life. Who doesn’t? If you are that impossibly strong and you don’t experience any drama; that means that you are cold inside. You can survive at any condition, and you don’t need a relationship.

Perhaps you would need friends to have fun, or a bed partner; but not a relationship.

Because you don’t want drama.

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Perky said...

You can have a relationship without the drama. Not having drama in life doesn't make one a cold person inside. It just makes that person incredibly smart in not getting into messy situations =)