time is golden you knows

A good Swatch can cost you around three hundred bucks.

One fine day, when I went back home for sahur, and spent the rest of the day doing my report, I realized that I misplaced my favorite Seiko dream watch.

Misplacing a small thing like a watch at my parents’ house is like dropping it randomly from the sky above the Amazon jungle. You will need a special search team and very hi-tech gadgets to go and find the thing that you dropped.

I gave up searching for it at the moment, and hope that I will find it in future.

But I still feel the torture of glancing at my wrist to look at the time but all I can see is my over tanned skin as a result of swimming at midday.

That explains the exclusive Skin Swatch photo, dear readers.

Now I not only can watch at my skin, but also watch my Skin Swatch watch.


I bought this Swatch at The Curve for ten bucks. Hik.

p/s: I found already my Seiko by the time I posted this blog. Hm….

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