another somber day

It was another day without most of my friends around.

The most "interesting" thing that happened today was only when I opened my eyes this morning, awakened by the Thai composed band song Kinari Suite ringing in my head, at it's loudest peak, where the brass would blare. Yeah, weird. Is this a sign that something big is happening now in Bangkok? Is there a very big confrontation scene between my friends and the betrayer? Hmph.

Then after that, the day slowed down to a distinctive silence where I would feed Hoshi with collard greens, prancing around in the house with only underwear (I was alone what?) and went down across the street to photocopy some pages from my Arban book.

New vocabulary term:


Term creater: Unsupportive Pig Friend.

Trigger scene of term creation: When Pig Friend witness a trumpet player practiced his Arban book and screwed up.

Definition: To reach to a destructive failure.

Example: "Please go and photocopy your Arban book properly, if not it will become Arban."

After that I studied a little of Chinese, and refresh a bit of my music theory, and also played my Arban scores one shot. And because I was so darned bored, I took a shower in between. It was like, a "Ni hao ma" a bit, and then one shower. Then, reading music scales a bit, and another shower. And then playing the trumpet, and a final shower. D'uh.

I got myself a big fat file where I can put all the books:

-Oxford Chinese Dictionary
-Malay/English simple Dictionary
-Super Simple Chinese book (which of course is not as simple)
-A note book for me to write crap in Chinese
-ABRSM red book of Music Theory Grade 1-5
-Photocopies of trumpet studies from Arban
-My pencil case from Kuching from my friend.

It's like a convenient study kit that I can bring anywhere, to uplift my spirit to study a bit of Chinese and music theory and to bring my scores everywhere too!

Most of the time I napped in front of the TV on the day bed, and I did not swim because I swam two afternoons in a row and that turned me into a little black boy.

Finally, Perky called me and we had a nice decent dinner in the cafe at her block.
Liar Liar was on HBO so I watched that and called it a night.

Woa. What is this? Some kind of very dull report? Hmph.

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