talking about cars

During my primary school days, I recognized the car brand name Toyota, as one type of car brand printed on the ugly thin round purple board game chips. These chips, are part of an incomplete set of China version of Monopoly; I discovered within the stack of old URTV magazines at the attic of my grandparents’ house in Perak.

Then whenever I was on the street, I could see rigid box shaped old Toyota cars everywhere, and to me, personally they are as ugly as their name is. Toyota. What kind of name is that? That was the impression of the name to me, and it lasted until now.

Then, a few years back, Toyota started to design their new improved shape sedan, the Altis and the Vios, yet they too never gave any interest to me. The interior space is limited, and the outer cut is somewhat funny. It’s something like Honda City, to me, it’s a design failure.

After that they came out with a new four wheel drive; the Rav4. I admit that I liked the design, it looked sturdy and fat. I like fat looking cars. But that still did not move me with the fact that Toyota is still quite a bozo to me.

And then today the new released Toyota Camry suddenly changed my view totally about the brand. I really am amazed by how they designed it like a Toyota version of the latest Beamer series. Wow. I really salute Toyota now.

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