i got a day bed!

All best wishes to our friend, pakar saintis who have already entered Australia yesterday. She is doing her masters in Brisbane.

A few days ago, pakar saintis had to give away her furniture before she fly off. She handed down her whole bed to me, and it was something that I needed to change the interior of the hall.

I have decided to put away the old rattan couch and replace it with a ‘daybed’.

The thick red dusty carpet is also removed and being replaced with a new stripey laid back rug.

I also bought myself a new curtain for my bedroom. And it is actually a shower curtain, and I bought it at fifteen bucks. Since my friend gave me her whole bed, I used the comfortable Ikea Sultan mattress and mattress protector in my room. My own mattress has already been put out to the hall, on the 'day bed'. I had never pictured myself sleeping on a luxurious spring mattress before, and now I can do it every night!

I gambled by creating a d├ęcor theme of colorful pallette at the hall, and thank goodness the cushions, carpet and all do comply each other very well.

I don’t have any idea what is the exact name of the theme. American country? Not country enough. Retro? Not enough pattern.

Maybe I can call it as “Masters with Flying Colors”. Haha.

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