fresh week after raya

I am so proud that my internship report is darned thick, even though it is full of crap.

Included inside is:

The actual report:
::50 pages of report; including how to use the scanner or how to print a document

The exaggerated appendix section:
::60 pages of company staff profile
::20 pages of the program code that I explained in the report
::10 pages of activity log book such as how to use the scanner or how to print a document
::10 pages of separator, table of content, an acknowledgement

Today, the sun is shining and the sky is clear. So while waiting Hoshi sun basking, I just turn on the PC and listen to Justin Timberlake’s new single.

I was advised to go to the university later and ask how to get the document of proof to show that I have already finished my degree course. This would make it smoother for me to get a job.

Apart of my friends who are happy with their job or happy with the money that they get, I talked with the people like me online. They are having really fun jobs that they love so much.

These few people are in important posts in the advertising and marketing field. They are willing to be devoted with their career, spending the hours in their life into it, and in return:

::They are satisfied of doing tasks that they are passionate about
::They get really a lot of money. Some even afford a Vios at an age younger than me
::They got to travel all over the world, and eat and shop

But the main thing is that they can more than afford to take care of themselves.

I am hungry. I should eat at the university. Miss the cheap good food.

Yeah, this is another pointless entry again.

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