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This paper is written in an unfriendly informal letter format. This paper is to describe about an annoying person who claims himself as a friend but he is the worst traitor I have ever known. Beyond this point, in this paper, this person will be referred as ‘you’. Example:

I want to tell you why we are avoiding you lately.

It’s because you are a fucking ungrateful animal.

CHAPTER 1: You Were Fucking Irresponsibly Late Too

The last time when you had a clarinet practice with these guys, why did you not just go and start the rehearsal since you are so pissed off that we are fucking five minutes late. You hate it when the group gets along together, so I don’t see the reason that you would want to hang out with the group. You said that the rehearsal started late, why do you have to do all this fucking ice breaking nonsense. Go straight to practicing and we adults could do the ice breaking later.

And then it was you who were fucking late on the next practice.

CHAPTER 2: You Talk Big Shit

Why in the world do you still want to ask about my trumpet scores when you already said that you fucking “had it” with me?

Why do you still want to trouble yourself giving a fucking plastic remark to pretend to be concerned about it? I know because you love to pretend that you care. You are indeed a hypocrite fat wild hog.

You said that I am a useless person; who do not want to be serious in my music studies. Just because I personally do not want to follow your butt to Putrajaya. I do not want to be as stupid as to follow every single shit you say, when you yourself do not think seriously before saying or doing something.

Examples. You wanted to have a collaboration with the drama lecturer to do a fucking stupid Moon Dance orchestra musical, and you expect that some miracle can happen to fulfill your ridiculous demands of having the witch to disappear, having outrageous props, and your ideas are all illogical and you yourself do not know how to accomplish them. And you expect the technical and drama department to make them for you.

No wonder the faculty dean laughed at your silly ideas.

It’s like people asking you to play your clarinet by using your fart from your round big wobbly butt. Can you do that? Your brain is so fucking retarded. And how hilarious it is to know that you have not even started with the music part for your dream silly musical. I dedicate this nursery rhythm for you and your fucking Moon Dance:

Hey diddle, diddle,
The cat and the fiddle,
The horrendous fat pig (hey, that’s you! Smile!) dreamt on to jump over the moon.
The little dog laugh, to see such an idiotic fat boar (hey, that’s you! Smile!)
Because that fat moron has a face skin as rough as the moon.

There is another example of your talk big shit ideas but you do nothing but talk shit about people. You fantasize and started to arrange the Kuda Hitam piece centuries ago and it is just left hanging there. Just go and change the piece title to Penulis Lagu ini Ialah Babi Hitam Terbakar Angan-angan Bapok Tua Jenin only lah.

Your angan-angan Babi Jenin actions also has already been applied in your oh so fucked love life. We all just laugh when you so-called confirmed to the whole world that you already cut ties with Ryan. And at the end you go and offer your pathetic life to him again.

You said that I am not serious of doing things, but see yourself. Why didn’t you go and see the shrink when you already told me that you wanted to do so? You are a mad pig, you know. I was really serious when I told you to get a psychiatrist to help you. One day you agreed to do that, but on the next day you did not. Perhaps actually you are a stupid wild boar who is scared that the psychiatrist might discover that you are really a babi kacukan anjing.

The funny thing is, it's up to me to do my music studies or not. It's none of your fucking business to make it sound so serious as if I have affected your already fucked up life because I could not please you to get immediate fucking grade 8 in fucking 6 months.

If I ever want to gain something in music, it's for my own satisfaction, and it's not to be a proof for you to talk big with your smell fucking mouth that it's your so-called effort and contribution to get people good grades in music.

You are a fucking opportunist who is not sincere with your friends. You only want the credits and getting title that you have contributed to anyone's victory, but actually you do not want to be happy for them. You help because you want to be praised. But when people are successful, you will question about their happiness. You are as black hearted and as fat and fucking ugly as Ursula, only that she is an octopus lady but you are a freaking drag wild boar.

CHAPTER 3: Your Mouth Smell Like Rotten Fish

Yes, you also tak sedar diri that you literally have a stinky bad breath although you have money. Because you eat like a pig and you talk bad about people behind their back. A lot of fat people can still be adored, but not for your case, as a fat drag queen cow with mouth busuk macam bangkai. Don't you brush your teeth, you freak?

CHAPTER 4: Constructive Suggestions When You Leave For Good

I have a lot of suggestions for you when you already stay in Thailand. Since the plastic surgery in Thailand is so cheap, and since you are already being plastic at heart, you can first let them pour strong acid to burn the fucking ugly skin on your face. Yeah, the skin has a lot of acne scars; I do not even have to land on the moon to see such a bumpy rough surface with a lot of holes. After the acid, you can let them hit your nose with a hammer and make you turn to something like Michael Jackson.

Like you always talk about plastic surgery, you don’t need to stop eating fatty ice cream in order to be slim. You can eat all the junk that you want, and do a liposuction. You can still eat a lot of junk after that, and do another liposuction. Repeat this until you nearly die, but do not die that soon because there are better ways to kill a very fat pig like you.

Next step is to fulfill the dream that you told people through the MSN. Remember that you wanted to be a lady boy? Of course you do not remember, because you are a big mouth hog that always talk big but keeps forgetting about them. You are worse that ketua kampung jenin or whatever fucking nonsense that you label people.

So, now I am reminding you that you wanted to be a lady boy. You can already cut off the dick and balls that you have been used to fuck a lot of cheap prostitute sex boys including Nueng (I don’t fucking care what the correct spelling is, you fat drag queen), because you don’t need your stinky cock anymore. You wanted to be a lady boy so this would be the right timing. It matches your cheap Poh Kong gold, suitable for your status; an old fat hog who wants to be an old fat lady boy. That’s why I have been supported you to buy gold, because I purely hate you and I want you to waste your money until you do not have anything left.

You do not need surgery to shape up boobs, since you are already humongously fat, therefore already have soggy breasts. You can choose to do another liposuction to remove your gigantic beer belly, but to save budget you can also keep your obese tummy and pretend that you have a baby inside. You can say it out to people; “This is the bastard child of me and the dog that I fucked inside a bush.”

After all, people saw you walking out of the bush before.

CHAPTER 5: You Are a Fucking Racist Beyond Reason to All Races

You always never think when you talk. Once I was talking with someone else via the phone, and you could not reach me. Just because of that, you call me a stupid Malay because I don’t answer your phone, and you have a wide elaboration why I am a stupid Malay; because I don’t have a job and also because I refuse to follow your butt to do music. I am not working because I had to wait for the confirmation of the Bangkok trip, you piece of fat shit.

I don’t care what is your excuse because you just don’t use your fucking brains. Your brain is only to set up strategies to step on everyone, make a plastic face in front of everybody and condemn them behind their backs, and you only think of eating ice cream and you complain that you cannot fit in your pants. Why complain? You are an animal, a wild boar. You don’t need to wear pants. Just walk around naked and show of your ugly dick. After all you are going to snip it off when you already want to be a lady boy in Thailand.

So you think that I am a stupid Malay. And you hate Malaysia so much. You hate Malays, Chinese and Indians as well. Actually you do not deserve to be a Malaysian. You don’t deserve even to have Straits Chinese blood running in you. You don’t even deserve to be a Korean or a Thai. You bring shame to any race.

How come you can be categorized in any human race? You are not human because you act like an animal. Animals do not have brains to think to respect people. Please have your ID amended to: Race/Bangsa: Babi Hutan Hodoh dan Bodoh.

Thailand had a scary political change recently. And they had a sad conflict between the Buddhists and the Muslims. But hey, the worst has yet to come. When you, the ugly demonic fat creature finally set your foot on their land, you are like a scary disease. You will step on everyone and talk bad about people. You will spread gossips and cut friendship ties.

CHAPTER 6: Your Stinky Mouth Likes to Create Fucking Stories

Because of a low ugly idiotic like you, the prominent people of my school orchestra lost their trust on me.

You are unbelievable. You could create lies to show that you are the victim.

Let us track back when all went well and you were recommended to share your knowledge and to coach the school orchestra, and be together with the ex-student cum conductors to aim for one thing: the success and victory of the school orchestra. You were already achieved an agreement with these tutors to improve the band. You coach them the guidelines; the tutors push the players to practice. Regularly these tutors refer to you ideas for the sake of the band and it is up to you to approve or not.

Then things became nonsense. You scolded the tutor for teaching the student conductor, when you yourself fail to teach him properly. You accused that the teaching was wrong and it caused the band to screw up during just one rehearsal; but how come the band was fine at any other time under his conducting? The student conductor just had a slight conducting error, and it was not the tutor’s fault. You are a fucking idiot.

You jump into conclusions and you don’t analyze things before you talk.

Why? Because you tried to act like a human but actually you are a pig.

Go back to your pig sty please.

Once the timing of the band was slowed down during one practice session and you scolded the tutors. It never occurred to you to ask for an explanation. The slowing down is just for one rehearsal to improve the running notes, and they would return to the actual timing once everything is okay. All you know is to be furious and scold everyone. You better throw your human brains into the bin already and replace them with pig brains.

And then you create a lot of wild stories of them having secret practices, and saying that they go against you. You are a paranoid and you are psychotic.

So on the last day during the competition, you really had fun by calling me and add a lot of stories to back stab the tutors. All your bloody complaints gave me a headache and I was stupid for believing you. I told the tutors off, and they were really upset because I did not know the truth. Actually the real culprit is you.

CHAPTER 7: Conclusion

Do you think by just praying in front of the Buddha, you can be happy? No, because you are an evil fat boar. Haven’t you thought that perhaps Buddha rejected your prayers because of the bad things you have done to everyone? Of course not. Because you don't think, you fucking idiot fat cow.

You are a hypocrite. You are a liar. You are happy when people are unhappy. You are like a demon. You don’t deserve to live. I would laugh until I cry if you go and kill yourself now. That’s like a relief to the whole world. Good riddance from another disaster.

You bring bad luck.

Please, commit suicide.

Or don’t you ever step your foot in this country again. Please stay in Thailand and rot there. Don’t disturb us anymore. I have had it with you.

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I think labelling him as a pig is very wrong. Don't insult pigs okeh! Pigs are so much better than him!