saying it when i am hungry

I am now hungry since I have not eaten lunch yet. After changing the sheets and sweeping the whole house, I tend to get even hungrier.

It's a hot sunny afternoon today. Yesterday it rained, so the weather is really clear.

Perhaps it's just me to feel this kind of weird vacant feeling, knowing that most of our friends have flew to Bangkok for the international symphonic band and wind ensemble competition.

And as usual, this trip included betrayer to. (Wow, I discovered that the word betrayer exists and grammatically correct, according to

The betrayer, is a friend who at the end does not deserve to be one. All the evil words he said behind our backs are too much even for us to comprehend.

To advice and give constructive comments in front of your friend, is the right thing to do. But to use someone's behavior, life's decision, or even belief and race to degrade a person behind their back is an unbelievable thing to do.

I am actually really hungry. I need to eat.

Cut it short, the friendship tie with this betrayer will be ended after they all arrive home from Bangkok. We all will deal it like adults, serious and in an almost formal manner.

I need to get a life already and leave this 'friend'.


Perky said...

I also kena pelik that the gang is not here :(

I can't wait for the final showdown with that betrayer *evil laugh*

Anonymous said...

goodness, macam cliffhanger!!!

cant wait for the final episode... though i never seen any of the previous episodes ;)