Yes, I had practiced the concept of backstabbing front stance.

Backstabbing front stance: Degrading people in front of their face without their knowledge.

Today, I hang out with Babi-Hu at a mall nearby. Then I started a casual conversation with her.

Blonde Me: Ey, whenever there are unfinished food in some rich family’s party, what do they do with it?

Babi-Hu: Usually the caterer will take them back, but most of the time the food will be finished off right?

Blonde Me: Back in my school, the workers will send the left over and rubbish at the dining hall to the truck to be sent to the pig farm. Pigs really eat everything you know.

Babi-Hu: (Not aware at all of the fishy conversation) No wonder the local pork tastes bad.

Blonde-Me: (Knowing that Babi-Hu likes to eat muruku) Once my friend went to Korea, and a pig at the farm gobbled his muruku up. Even the thick plastic packet was eaten off. But wild boars are scarier. They can wallop a whole banana tree.

Babi-Hu: I went to a forest reserve a few years ago and a wild boar was so close to us.

Blonde-Me: *Eh? You sure you’re not looking at the mirror?* I think if rich people are bored, they can keep a baby boar as a pet. But you must cut off the ‘benda’ first. And then the ball-less boar can be tamed and effeminate. And guess what they can call their new pet?

Babi-Hu: What?

Blonde-Me: Babi-Hu Sally-Su. And they can play fetch, “Here Sally, Sally, fetch!”

Both of us just laughed at my own silly jokes.


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