music is life

When I was thirteen, I started of with a conventional Sony Cassette Walkman without any bass even. I moved forward to another one with Mega Bass, and another with Dolby System.

Then I bought five hundred worth of Sony Digital Walkman, which was the hippest portable player at that time. Some gang robbed it off from me at a lane in KL, in the eve of Merdeka.

I replaced it with a cheaper Aiwa, and wrapped it in plastic bag so that it won't get scratches at all.

After entering university, I started off with a Sony Discman. It has a very nice bass, never distorted, and had a nice remote control on the earphones.

That one got stolen when I left it in front of the lecture hall in my sling bag.

I stopped listening to music and then I bought myself the most expensive portable that I had in my life, a Sony MD Player. It has very loud volume, and very strong bass that I ever had experienced. It cost me a thousand bucks.

But handling it is a bit flimsy, with the MiniDiscs and all, and I lend it to my friend who help me lose it. I bet it's stolen.

When I am finishing my final year, I started appreciating mp3 technology.

My first Creative Mp3 Player, got spoilt when I tugged it off from my computer without clicking "Remove Drive" Icon.

My second one is a red Samsung Yepp, with the sound comparable to a Sony, if only that it has no distortion of the bass.

My red Yepp was loyal to me for two years. Then it started to get spoiled.

Now, I had to buy a decent Creative MuVo, blue color, worth 200 bucks.

Quite happy with it.

Music has been soundtracking my life anytime I am on the go.

When I am bored and doomed.
When I am mad and sad.
When I am happy and high.

Can't imagine living with no music.

My friend said, after I bought my latest mp3 player:

"Congratulations! You have bought back your life."

That is so true.

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