i think i am on cloud nine

One friend has a steady boyfriend but he still gets laid with other people whenever convenient.

Another friend has a steady boyfriend but he has another fan whom he have now as his pet brother.

Another friend has a steady boyfriend but flirts on the net ‘harmlessly’ with his messenger contact.

Another person that I know cheats his own self by having dates with multiple guys who do not seem to be promising at all.

The funny thing is; these different friends are against what each other have done.

Everyone does have the tendency of facing a situation of liking or being liked by another person outside his relationship. It’s just the way how we respond to it that counts.

As for me, I am experiencing it first time, recently.

I attended this birthday party of a friend that I knew from the net. We met twice and we stayed as friends, perhaps because of lack of chemistry to go further than that.

It was just a plain simple closed party, and it was not done in a ballroom even. Instead, my friend checked in a room suite and invited everyone there.

I was shy at first, being present in the middle of his crowd of friends that I do not know. Most of the time, I was just eating quietly and observed the whole party. They all had fun and there was even a cake cutting ceremony.

When I was observing, I noticed this one Chinese guy who is quite cute. Only when they cut the cake I realized that he was my friend’s boyfriend, and they took photos of my friend being fed by boyfriend with a slice of cake.

Only when the crowd got smaller as the night getting late, the shy cute boyfriend suddenly had a chat with me. That time I suddenly see that this person is not only cute, but super cute. And apparently he’s a Malay guy with really strong Chinese features.

The chat went too personal when we were talking about our dreams in career life, and he even started to ask what number I am in the siblings of my family. Perhaps it was just me, but I felt that this conversation went a bit deep.

And then this super cute guy even asked me to take photos with him; only the two of us. He hugged me and I felt really awkward and rigid. Heck, he did have hots for me as the same that I have the likings to him.

And as it was at two in the morning already, the people left were just me, my birthday friend and his boyfriend, and another insignificant guy who fell asleep on the hotel bed.
I felt really difficult to leave, furthermore when the cute guy insisted me to stay ‘because it’s kinda late and you are riding a bike’.

Anyway. I had to ask to leave, and we all shook hands goodnight, and he even had the chance to try my imitation Crocs.

Perhaps our luck did not cross together. Both of us have boyfriends, and our lucks just went parallel.

Soft heavenly eyes gazed into me
Transcending space and time
And I was rendered still
There were no words for me to find at all
As I stood there beside myself
I could see you and no one else

When I saw you
When I saw you
I could not breathe
I fell so deep
When I saw you
When I saw you
I'd never be
I'd never be the same


Anonymous said...

gay men are flirty by nature.


Perky said...

Haiyoh I kena pening read your blog. I tot this was the story of how you and your bf met... mana lah tau pasal orang lain pulak! :P

U must use nicknames next time. E.g: Mr Chilay (short for chinese-malay).

xavier said...

u forgot to post ur text book example of "muke cloud 9" :)