i am working part time now

I had just started doing my temporary job in the university. Basically my task with the other colleagues is to insert the account statement into envelopes and paste the address on to these envelopes to be posted to the Masters students. We have around 8000 envelopes to handle now.

Two nights before Z paid for my dinner at Hartamas Square. That was the first time I ate there and the price is considerable and the choice varies from Asean to Western and local. I only ate wantan mee but it was superb. No wonder, because the price is double than they have in SS2. Another thing about Hartamas Square is that the people who go there are all gorgeous and happening. You could see a lot of hot hunks and girls there, and there was this guy smoking shisha behind Z and he was so hot. I complained this to Z, saying that all I wanted is to talk to him but there are so many distractions around me. Hik.

Back to the work that I am doing now; just now before lunch as I was putting the account statements in the envelopes, I saw this name of a friend that I used to stay with together back in my younger university years. How odd is that? So I tore a bit of the side of the account statement, and slipped a small folded note into it, just to say hi and wish him for the best. I heard that he had went through a lot of hard challenges in his life. Saluted him, regardless that we are already directing to our own different paths.

And I also saw the name of the Melacca Minister. Apparently he is taking post-graduate in the university.

One of my friend once teased the Vietnamese as speaking “Nguyen, nguyen” because their language sounded like that. But actually, I bumped into this address:

Name: Nguyen Thanh Son.
Address: 18, Nguyen Binh Khiem, Hanoi, Vietnam.


Today I was in the office toilet and those toilets there are sort of dark and cold. And what else would lurk around there if not the six legged freaking creatures that existed since dinosaurs. Cockroaches.

Fact from TV: The most numbered creature on earth, spreading everywhere across the globe.

So, when I was walking inside the toilet, there was a very horrendous small cracking sound as I step. Eugh. Luckily there was a plastic layering on the floor so my shoe did not touch directly onto the I-do-not-want-to-describe.

Since I am working in the university, it’s so essential that after work at half past five I would jump into the university pool (which is so close to the office) and I did not have to pay at all for that. And now I realized that you can actually spot the hottest students at the pool in the evening. Hmm.

So that’s it, I gotta rush. My lunch hour has already ended.

Zuotian wanshang, wo jian wo de pengyou. Wo hen gaoxing.
Yesterday night, I meet I punya friends. I very happy.

Jinlai/zuijin wo de baba bu yao gei wo qian.
Lately I punya dad don’t want give me money.

Xianlai wo mei you hen duo qian.
Now I tak ada very much money.

Wo zhidao, wo yiding zhao zhongyao gongzuo.
I know, I must find important job.

Xianlai, wei-le you shou qian, er wo fei-wuanri gongzuo.
Now, untuk ada some money, jadi saya part-time kerja.

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