nothing much to update.

Last night was the first time me and Z went together hitting a club downtown.

Z is not the type that would hit the dance floor. He would just prefer stand aside, watching me enjoying myself in the center of the club.

His way of enjoying is to watch the scene quietly and see people enjoy themselves. That’s kinda weird but that’s how he is. Haha.

That night he slept over but he went back early at four. I woke up when the sun is up and suddenly missed him. Hmm..

Anyway. Today I went to the mall to buy some groceries alone. And then I went to buy some currypuff and ice-cream at Ikea alone. I happily ate the ice-cream, walking along the mall alone. Hey, being alone is fun sometimes.

There was this Chinese boy, he was trying a bit too hard to be cool. He wore a cap sideways and baggy t shirt and pants. And then suddenly I heard him ordering at the food counter:

“I wan fai ice-cream. Gimi wa-more ho-dock.”
(I want five ice-cream. Give me one more hot dog).

I was amused.

And then a friend came over and paid our lunch at Uncle Lim’s. I am so happy!

After lunch he still wanted to get some tit bits, so he entered the pastry shop nearby.

Written under a few trays of different buns:

The bun name: Are you nuts?
The description: The answer is no, if you fall in love with peanut butter.

The bun name: Tuna Turner
The description: This is not a singer.

Haha. Weird ways people do to promote their stuff.

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