i was famous

Last night I went to another birthday party. A friend that I knew quite sometime from the net wanted me to tag along to a birthday invitation that he got, venued at this condo in Keramat.

From the entrance, we could detect the condo unit since we could see green and white pieces of cloth being tied at the balcony like huge ribbons, and the house was bright.

I did not expect the party to be spectacular but it was. From the entrance I could see at least fifty pair of shoes and they put small tea lights at the sides of the walls.

As I entered, we had to wear stickers on our shirt, with our names on it, like a paper name tag.

There were a lot of people that I knew attended the party. It was a join venture party of four birthday boys, they even hired a party planner.

I saw one famous blogger who likes to post up his artsy photography in his blog. Confirmed that he is one of us. He looked quite petite in real life.

And there was a guy from my past and he avoided talking to me.

Super juniors and super seniors of my high school were there.

A friend of a friend whom I used to dance with were there too.

There were also familiar faces from the tv and magazine.

It’s like a party being attended by representatives of different groups of the people in this world.

Basically all of them were presentable that night, but non really caught my interest. Perhaps because they are of the same race of me. It’s just me and my preference.

And then the games began.

We had to dance and stop like statues when the music was stopped. Anyone who caught moving will lose in the game. The hosts, they were really trying their best to make people laugh so that they will be selected out of the game.

I remained serious and tried thinking of sad and angry thoughts, and I was one of the final five who won.

In the second game, a baton was passed from one person to the other while the music was played. When they stopped playing the music, the person who was still having the baton in his hand would have to randomly take out one note from a jar. He will have to act what is written in the note.

Some had to do naughty acts. Some had to pretend to flirt with someone.

But when the baton stopped in my hand, the note written there was:

You will be blind folded and spinned. You will have to choose one of the people here and kiss the person at the lips.

Darned. I had to kiss. A very. Fat. Old. Caucassian. Traumatized.

Anyway, I kept myself cool.

After that, the next game was like this. The host randomly pick a name from another jar, and those people whom their name being picked, had to wear heels (provided by them) and do a cat walk. My friend was one of the victim. Haha.

Next. A few groups consisted of four members were randomly picked using the jar again. These groups will have to choose one member to be a drag queen.

I was in one of those groups.

No, sorry to make you guys dissapointed, it was not me who was chosen to be a drag queen that night. Haha.

I was a bit suspicious. How come all selections were made randomly, but everytime my name was up?

Maybe it was just me, but that night I have a feeling that I was like hot stuff and everyone was eyeing me. Moreover when I was wearing the right shirt and jeans that improved the way I look that night.

It was a really wow party, partly because of the wild games, the crazy loud hosts, the delicious food, the fabulous people who came there, and also that I intepreted that people really looked at me and try to go and approach me.

I was like Cinderella, the gay version. I came latest to the party, and everyone was checking me out. This time I admit it. It felt good to be confident sometimes.

Z should be proud having me. Haha!

But after came back home, took a shower and looked at myself, I am just a human with thin hair. I was so worried if my hair is getting less and less.

I took out all my old collection of digital photos.

I examined them and finally I discovered something about myself.

My hair was not thinning. IT IS ACTUALLY THIN at the first place. I do have less hair compared to anyone else, but only recently I noticed that fact.

Yeah, I am just a small dot in Damansara. I am just a human, like anybody else.

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