daisies for christmas

This year’s Christmas eve, I went to my friend’s house nearby my university as he invited friends to come over for dinner. I shared with two friends to buy a small bouquet of orange daisies as a present to the host.

We had tuna macaroni with fruits and raisins, and spagetti bolognaise.

Last Friday I went to the mosque in the city for the Friday mass prayer. The cleric gave his speech on how he is sad that some Moslem youngsters went to celebrate Christmas, which is said as against the religion.

I object this kind of idea, because perhaps most of those young people were just having a dinner and just want to be with their Christians friends. It’s not that they go and sing together to praise Jesus or do any kind of ritual thing.

If such a harmless thing like going to meet friends for a gathering is seen as so dangerous, then we should abstain ourselves from going to our friends’ wedding, just because they have a different belief. Heck, we shouldn’t even go and pay respect during people’s funeral.

My belief as a Moslem to the only one God would not be affected. I am still in faith to God. It’s a gift given from Him to me, I should highly be grateful to something that is not given to many people. I am still me. Having a family of friends from different races or faith is not going to change the core in me.


lyana said...

did the cleric really said that???? aaarghhh.

please did he really read islamic history during his studies??? rasulullah has always been tolerant abt muslim-non muslim relationship, and such attitude was what made islam great and respected before. with statements like this, the more ppl will see islam as something closed minded and god knows what else.

our great caliph umar al-khattab pun once pernah solat dalam gereja. there's nothing wrong with so called celebrating/i.e.when what our intentions is to strengthen friendships.

please, such statements are dangerous.....*sigh*

shah-andrew said...

if you're invited to attend then of course you may go. but you shouldn't be the one who actually hosts a christmas celebration. i know a few malay families actually having a christmas eve dinner with family & friends. why would they want to that? they're not even christians!

going there to meet your friends is fine. going there to celebrate Jesus' WRONG birthday is definitely WRONG.