There is this palace in Putrajaya which is a replica of the palace in Morroco. The whole design is nice and I like knowing that there’s another beautiful architecture exists in our country.

Some people say that it is a so-called sad thing to apply other people’s heritage in our country and be proud of it. I personally do not give a damn as long as it’s nice.

If having a nice thing is so bad when it’s other people’s culture, then perhaps having the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra doing world class performance is a bad thing. Perhaps we would just listen to traditional songs and ban all the pop culture here.

Perhaps we shouldn’t wear t-shirt and jeans and claim that we look nice in it. We should just wear baju Melayu and cheongsams everyday then.

Perhaps we should burn all the fast food restaurants and don’t allow fine dining.

Because it’s not our heritage at the first place.

There are a lot of unfair things which happen in our country but by having the inclination of criticizing each and everything is a bad habit. Perhaps we could blame the unfair situation itself for causing this psycological disease but I guess it’s up to our will to see which things are totally wrong or unfair, which things are acceptable, and which things are good.

Bluntly saying that every single thing in the country is bad is totally idiotic.

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lyana said...

yes, it's bad when we tend to see only the bad in things, but then again, you have to think also abt what we want to show to ppl who don't know abt our country, what malaysia really is. like the moroccan place, yes, cantik, and you know me too well and i'm sure you'll agree that i suka cantik things too. but bila tourist datang, they will confuse us with arab countries...i myself found it hard to explain that malaysia has got three main races and that malays are not arabs. we do need to find who we really are, and display that. sometimes don't you feel that most of us don't even know what being a malaysian really is? and i'm sure you'll agree that i'm against small mindedness, but sometimes...there is a bigger rational behind some things that are said and understood as small mindedness. hmmm.