dedicated to the initial "J"

Whenever she stepped her foot at the entrance of the building, people will notice her cuteness. It was so obvious that she got the beauty, until she got tired when people keep on complimenting the same thing on her, again and again.

The earlier times when I started knowing her, I see her as a person who did not talk much and kept a wise and serene look on her face. She was young, younger than many of us, and she entered the orchestra humbly as a new player in the junior team. To our delightful surprise, apparently she has experience in music and she was shifted to the senior team.

That was how I initially knew her.

As I got to know her better, I see that she is a very helpful friend. No matter how complicated it is to her, no matter that the sun is scorching hot. She will try her best getting out of her cosy apartment, ignite her car engine, and there she comes to drive us practically everywhere.

Sometimes her good intention was misunderstood, and have been taken advantage of. But she still tried to keep a good relationship with everyone, although sometimes she dreads herself doing so.

She is unique too. From her, I learned new experiences and interests. Who else had shown me a whole new genre of music from the land of the rising sun, but not her? Mika Nakashima and L’arl En Ciel are already in my audio collection, thanks to her.

But that is not the only way that she offered something from herself. She is a good listener, and she helped me to line up my messy academic schedule into a neat line. That is one thing that I really, really thankful of her.

Like other humans do, there are times when she will dive into a pitfall of sorrow and meaninglessness. But being an intelligent cute girl she is, she would seek refuge of peace back her hometown, faraway from the chaotic land.

She had gone through emotional obstacles, perhaps even harder than I could even imagine, and sometimes she felt like giving up; but more often than not, she will subconsciously endure and succeed the challenges in the end.

That explains who she is. Unaware of her amazing strength, she can actually fight everything in the end.

Like she said, people can’t possibly judge her easily. She is brilliant, strong, and creative inside. She is responsible, and she can always give a helping hand, if you appreciate her.

I love having her as a friend.


Perky said...

Eh how can you write about "J" and not write about "L" :PPPPP

HAHAHAHAHA! I kena geli baca about "J"...

lyana said...

go jubes!!! =)

cain & abel said... J no L no I also....mak kesah tau!