recap 2006, for a new 2007

Year 2007 had opened its wings, and the days passing by as January sets in.

In common, we would form our set of aims for the year. I have decided to share something slightly different here: the valuable lessons that I have learnt in 2006, as a guide for me, and perhaps for you too, in our lives, onwards.


When somebody being snappy, or say bad things, or shout at me in anger, it may mean three different things:

:: that they care for me but could not express it in the appropriate way

:: that they have bad anger management and they had a bad day

:: that they simply want to drag me into their cranky mood

I have a choice of letting myself swept into stress, into fury, and even into tears. But I can also choose to be analytical while handling such situations. I can be the same level as them, or I can be wiser. There is no use to waste our energy being upset about it.

The better way is to get into the root cause of the person’s provocative actions.

If it’s really because of me, then I can learn from my mistakes and get the benefit of it. Who cares if the person is revealing my mistake which he or she is doing all the time? The main point is that I should learn not to do it and then I would improve myself. That way, who knows, I could even be better than the person who pointed that mistake that I did.

But if the person shouts at me just because they are simply bad tempered, I could just be calm because by responding badly would only make it a continuous cycle. There are more challenges to be dealt with in future, and by building up my communication skills; it would definitely be a useful tool for me in the future.


I am always in the same static situation where I fail a lot of things in my life and get really down with it. I keep on complaining about it, and my dear friends had to go through it again and again. Poor them, haha.

Suddenly I realized that if I choose to see my failure in a different point of view, it’s an opening where I can have the chance to improve myself. It’s a challenge that some other people do not have the opportunity to take.

One very significant incident that I will appreciate forever is my intent to improve my skills in my trumpet performance.

It started when a dear friend initially cared for me and suggested me to take the Trinity 8th Grade for Trumpet.

It was a huge thing, something that I see as a very tough route to go in my life.

What I saw was that I do not even have a formal grade certificate at all in my trumpet skills. I see myself as nothing compared to those who really knows what music is. How could I even take a grade 8?

The situation got worse when I was not present to get tutored by my friend. His good intention was neglected by my approval, and I did not communicate.

As a result, my friend got frustrated and brought this matter to my other friends.

To cut it short, it went a bit ugly, and everyone got upset at the end.

Statements were said, saying that I did not give enough effort and was not disciplined in practicing for grade 8. My skills and determination were questioned.

It made me feel bad.

But as I see through it again, I can take these judgements as a guideline to remind me where I am at. However, if the statement is a bit offensive, I can choose not to have people justifications as a rule of my life.

I can have control in my life. I can set the pace, and if I am down towards failure, I still allow myself an open door to improve, or to try new methods of improving.

It’s never a dead end. Isn’t life wonderful?


Then and again I got myself into trouble because of my own fault.

First thing, I always get up late, and failed to fulfill my duty as a respectful creature of God. I did not do my morning prayers. Somehow, the whole day was not blessed and I will always get myself into trouble.

If I do not discipline myself to seek for the light and love of God, I could not even discipline myself to be punctual at all occasions.

I will be late for a hang out with my friends.

I will be late instead of being on time when I go to work.

I will be late for orchestra rehearsals.

Like what is said in the Koran;
In the nick of time, indeed humans are wasteful.
Unless they remind among themselves.
Unless they give and seek advice.

Second thing, regarding on my bad money management.

I have the tendency to finish of the whole pay slip that I got, or the allowance given by my father, just for a new pair of shoes, or a new mp3 player. It has always lead to problems where I do not have enough money even for a cup of tea. My friends get upset with this disorder that I have.

Hence, now I want to put a mental note to myself, whenever I get a large sum of money, I can spend only half the ammount of it for shopping, but the rest should be obligated to be put in the bank; as an option for the dry season. In that way, I can always still buy food whenever I technically do not receive money for the time being.

I really can take a deep breath now, full of satisfaction, after I realized that I have learnt a lot in 2006. I thank God for this wonderful life, and I thank Z for leading me to percieve the world in a different point of view. One small shift really made me see the world as a lovely place to live in.

I am happy, and I am content.

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Perky said...

If someone yells at you simply because they are hot tempered, you should just give them the third finger. Hehee!

I sensed a lot of optimism in this post. I like =)