a little compliment made my day

A local Chinese lady doing her postgraduate studies here was assisted by me, and her husband was there accompanying her too. Apart of telling me that they work in the government sector, this is what her husband said to me.

Mr. Impressed: Your IT is good. Are you working in the IT department here?

Blonde Me: Oh, no, I am just a temporary worker here.

Mr. Impressed: Did you study computer? My friends study computer in UM.

Blonde Me: Yes, I am graduating in Computer Science under UM.

Mr. Impressed: Which high school were you from?

Blonde Me: I was in a boarding school in KL last time.

Mr. Impressed: Your English is good.

Blonde Me: Oh, I just prefer to speak English and furthermore I have a lot of Chinese friends.

Mr. Impressed: Oh no wonder. You’re local? You are a KL boy is it?

Blonde Me: (KL boy? So wrong. Sounds like toy boy.) Yes, I am local. (And gave my cheerful smile again).

I am proud of myself.

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lyana said...

i am proud of you too! =)