my absence from the blogging world

All this while I have been moaning like a scary creature in my own apartment. I did not even bother to turn on the lights and let myself succumb in the darkness of the night.

Am I emotionally distressed? Am I mentally upset?

Yes. Because lately I am physically tormented by my own sickness.

List of sickness:

I have fever, but my body heat did not rise at all. Perhaps I am just too full of hotness, agree? The fever just made me became out of body balance and I became wobbly and dizzy. Everything seems to be shaking and moving. Oh, oh, oh, there goes the computer monitor spinning around the room. Suitable soundtrack: Alice in Wonderland.

Due to my extra active swimming, I am now having a continuous back pain. It even made me howl when it strike the splendid note just as I tried to sit up after lying down on the bed for hours. I really need to take care of my precious vertebrae if I still want to have my body functioning properly in future.

I have very itchy rash behind my neck just at the top part of my back, where I tried to put Dettol solution and traditional prickly heat talcum powder. It’s still there, creating a fugly collar on my back.

This is the diva of all sickness that I have now. I have two huge blackholes at my tongue. It continues to send electric messages to my brain: “PAIN! PAIN! PAIN!”

Never fail to do so, at anytime of the day:

:: Whenever I eat and swallow soft food. Even eating strawberry flavored oats is like eating a bowl of rose thorns.

:: Whenever I drink plain water. It refuses to even to get intact with water, damn it!

:: Whenever it touches my row of teeth on the right side of the jaw.

:: And the best one is whenever I apply salt onto it. I will be shivering in pain. My opened jaws will get stiff, as I stand there by the sink, groaning.

Sometimes my brains get too much of the PAIN signal, I simply get headache. So just imagine when I eat, I have to tilt my head to the left, to avoid contact with the ulcers.

What’s this? What’s this?
Two ulcers in my lips!
What’s this? What’s this?
I can’t eat fish and chips!

Most of the sickness is due to the unbearable heat in Putrajaya as we fairies went there to watch the Floral Fest floats. Plus, I did not have enough sleep due to my eager to finish watching Sound of Music for the first time, at five. Yeah, who watches Sound of Music at five? I did.

At times I was desperate, I even took cough syrup even though I was not coughing. Perhaps there is anti-germ substance there, which might make my body stronger. The results? My throat became VERY dry. Regretful action. Well, how am I supposed to know that it would make my throat dry? It IS to cure throat what.

As I type this, all four sicknesses are still there, barely showing their bright colors. I really hope that I get better fast, but I am really not sure when I will.


lyana said...

haiyo! lain kali mintak professional help before trying any remedies!

sound of music education is VERY important. as is Wizard of Oz.

Perky said...

Actually swimming wont' cause backpain. That's because all the stress and impact on the back has been absorbed by water (which is why doctors suggest that patients do physiotherapy in water). I think the pain in your back is sebab you salah tidur kot!

*I love ulcers i love ulcers i love ulcers* Hehehehehe!

::airswift:: said...

really really hope that what you say is true, perky. i MISS swimming somuch.