a tiny phase in life

Today, my friend decided to carry some of his furniture from his room in my apartment, into his car. He is going to shift them into the condo where he now stays with the special person in his life.

As I watched and talked casually with my dear friend, I contained the sorrow inside me. It’s like having a reminder; indirectly shown by my friend to me. It’s a message saying that sooner or later, we will have to be independent when it comes to finding a place for us to stay.

After the huge incident that happened at my workplace a day before that, there is a part of me seeing that everything is disappearing by bits and pieces.

My father who is the sole supporter of my finance stability is more than ready to set me free. I have done too much trouble, which destroyed my image at the office. And now I am witnessing the union in the nice apartment, which I am living in, is gradually breaking off.

What else do I have now, I thought.

If I could not withstand it anymore, I would have ride my bike, feel the wind, and cry.

But I chose not to shed a tear at all.

I came to a level where I am confused; I realize that my problems are a normal experience that people face in real life, but why when I face those problems, it felt like a hard impact upon me.

I was in limbo.

And then I met Z. When I shared every single story of me to him, with his precious help, my perspective began to change.

He said that I have handled the situation in the office with full dignity and responsibility. I should not beat myself anymore. It is now the time to communicate with all the staff, who did or did not witness the incident, with my best attitude and respect towards them.

As I analyzed through the office incident with Z, I came to a conclusion that I can choose not to take it personally. I should just remember not to be even slightly offensive. Just treat the students with a smile and do a professional approach when I am working. People will always bound to make mistakes in their working field, and the right way is just to correct it, and things will be fine.

Then we look into the case where the residence of my apartment which might or might not fall apart. The uncertainty is a natural law, and I should see it coming. There is always a solution of finding any other options of places to stay, and I can just take it easy. I had a good time in this apartment, but it’s okay if I have to move out one day. If it is really the case, I will just find another suitable place to move, and we start another happy beginning from there.

In case of finding another job, I will make plans to find all the addresses of suitable companies. I will have to write my application letter with my resume to different firms, and let time decide. Things will fall into place and be resolved with just a little bit of effort from my own part.

I thank you God, for this wonderful life.

When the earth rumbles,
Be prepared for it.
When the earth stops moving,
The soil will be rich,
And flowers will bloom again.


cain & abel said...

This is what i always tell myself whenever i'm down with several problems simultaneously: Deal with 1 problem at a time.

You're just going to loose your head if you squeeze everything all at once. So get a grip and hang on there!

Perky said...

Darling, never ever take it personally when it comes to work. It'll make you sleep better at night if you don't take work home with you.