a new watch for a new year

This one I take photo myself okay! Not from internet

I had this longing to have a new wristwatch since a few months ago. This disorder ended when I finally decided to go to MegaMall and survey the watches there for one last time (at least for a few years duration before looking for the next one, hik.)

Just like my Seiko watch, it's just me to look for a watch with these characteristics:

::small sized, to fit my wrist

::serious, sophisticated and smart

::made of steel, with steel wristband

::preferably Seiko and say NO to Swatch because they look stupid and ridiculously priced

::it doesn't need to be the famous model shown in the watch posters

As I was browsing through steel Casio watches, the guy at the counter can ask me:

“Yes? Looking for a watch? For your boyfriend?”

I did not reply nor did I look up at the guy. I just smiled and looked at the watches.

Awkward moment.

Do I look like a fairy to you???

The guy tried to patch it up, “For your girlfriend? For yourself?”


But then I just thought to myself, why not do something else for a change. If I were to wear the same kind of thing again, might as well I just get my Seiko repaired and wait for three months for the spare parts to arrive from Japan.

Therefore, I decided to follow the opposite instead:

::it doesn't matter if it's huge, as long as it's nice

::fun, bright, and sporty

::made of something else, not steel

::yeah, and it could be a Swatch

::and it should the featured watch in the catalogue and everyone knows about it

I bought myself a candy orange, translucent, sporty, huge, plastic and rubber, Swatch watch.

One significant lesson that I learned though:

Never spend your whole pay slip for just one stuff and must save at least half of the amount of money for emergency.

Chai-see chai-see chai-see chai-see.

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