graduation day

It's the day when the parents would come and gather and watch you proudly as you walk across the stage, recieving the scroll from the Cancelor.

It's the day when everyone will smile as they take pictures, and the whole front yard of the huge hall would be filled with people in their dark blue robes. And there would be balloons. And bouquet of roses. And huge Winnie the Poohs.

Long rows of stalls selling food, toys and souvenirs would be waiting there at the other end to attend the crowd. Even small restaurants would be built up too.

It's the one experience of your life time.

Everyone would not forget the day they wore the graduation robe.

They will take very classy photos of them and their family, with the painting background of a study room, or a library. They will use very expensive frames and hang up the memorable photo at home.

Everything is so nice about graduation day, there won't be a single person that we know who doesn't like this special day.

Actually, that would be me.

I purely hate graduation day.

I see parents who had to go through the hassle.
They had to go through the massive traffic which suddenly emerged because of graduation day.
They had to park their car under the hot sun in the middle of the field.
They had to walk across the field, huff and puff, and entered the hall.
And there they would be waiting for what seem like years until the whole ceremony is done, just to watch their only child to get the scroll.

I see parents who immediately want to go back after the whole show.
Because their younger children got restless after the shocking exposure of the hot sun and the cold hall inside.
Because they themselves could not stand it anymore being in a huge packed crowd.

So much for just to be proud of their graduated child.

And how about the graduates?

I see them wobbling with their huge fugly thick dark robes under the hot sun.
And they will sweat like pigs and try to smile and try to remind themselves that they should be proud of themselves.
I hear the same stories of them having to go to the long rehearsals just to recieve the scroll, and spending at oh-my-goodness ridiculous rates:

Just to rent the ugly stinky robe.
Just to pay for the expensive frames for their photos.
Just to pay at ridiculous hiked price of the photos they develop from the sharks there.

How about the ceremony inside the hall?
It's cooling inside there, and with all the people and the huge robe, it can't be that freezing, right?
I have experienced witnessing convocations for at least three years in my life.
With thousands of students to graduate, it took like ages for them to walk one by one onto the stage to recieve the scroll.

It's a very slow process.

It's very boring and you have no choice but to stay and sit down and wait.
You are not allowed to walk around, or go out and sip a drink.

And even after the ceremony, the whole row of stalls are just a fraud.
They overpriced their cheapskate imitation Winnie the Poohs.
They sell tasteless drinks with a lot of chemical coloring inside.
The snacks they sell also sucks.

The whole thing just make me want to puke.

Graduation day is the day to celebrate the victory of a student's study in a degree.

Applying for my degree was a huge massive mistake in my life.
I suffered too much, and I hated the whole experience.
True, there is no use to regret it, but I don't have any reason to celebrate it either.

Celebrating a huge mistake in life. Nothing can be more hilarious than that.

And to go through the ridiculous expensive robe rental,
And the huff and puff under the hot sun,
And the long waiting in the hall,
Just to celebrate a mistake-

I don't know how to put it in words to describe that.

Therefore, I hate graduation day.


Bibik Nyonya said...

Well, put it this way honey. You go through piles upon piles of shit for at least 3 years before you get to graduate. I suppose a graduation ceremony just acknowledges that you survived it all and you're still standing.

On a parents point of view, some parents (especially those from rural areas and poorer states) deem a convocation as a very high achievement for their children and its a great honour to have a 'university graduate' in the family.

I bet you've seen some families having picnics in the varsity field; under the hot sun no less. Judging from what they're doing (and how they dress), i presume and they from a faraway land, further than balakong; and they are not city folks. Yet they are willing to travel far and wide just to attend the convocation. Some even bring the entire clan of family emembers along.

That's how big a deal a convocation is to certain parents. Some people has been through a lot before lading into university. Naturally graduation is a huge thing for them. We're the luckier ones.

Just my humble opinion. :)

::airswift:: said...

yes dear;
i wish i could simply put it that way, but it's not that simple.

surviving all through the huge shit just makes me relieved that i am already away from it, and if i could, i would want to forget about the whole thing.

it's up to everyone else in the world to see this day as a huge celebration, i am not against that idea at all. i can understand that.

it's just me refusing to have a convocation for myself, i would just prefer taking the transcript and cert from the office quietly, and resume with my life as usual.

the transcript is an acknowledgement for me surviving it all. a job, is another reward. a huge fuss about having me to attend my graduation day for myself, is something i despise.

only a miracle can change my perception on that.

lyana said...

i agree with bibik. we're really lucky coz we come from better off families with previous graduates, hence we tend to see having-a-degree-then-start-a-job-in-an-office somewhere/some private school with anak2 org normal and a part of life.

but your own feelings aside, think abt your parents. allow them one day to show you how proud they are of you...i went to my graduation with rationality (that is, though my gramma wanted to be ard, i told her not to come to the ceremony coz of the hassle and promised her a studio photo with her alone..which i kept) and ask my parents to do what's most comfortable for them. hence me driving to and fro convo on my own, and them going back right after the ceremony. regardless of all that----my mum had tears in her eyes when i graduated and it just gives you this know..that you've done them (your parents) proud --despite all that you-should-have-done-medic drama and all.

so my dear, maybe you should think of going to your convo for your parents..coz actually, yeah, it's not our's theirs. ;)

JoeRy said...

hmm, sounds like a local University's graduation ceremony.

I had mine in a hotel.
And trust me, it felt lagi plastic even thou it's posh

::airswift:: said...


i would explain to my parents elaborately on how i really do not want to have my graduation day.

furthermore, there are more graduations to look upon to, like the recent one that my brother had a few days ago. and the upcoming one my sister is going to have in new zealand.

being the impossible me, i am sure that they would be more than relieved that i can grab a job instead of wasting a fortune to do the graduation nonsense.

oh dear, this thing has become a debate pulak.

all i can say is, i don't care what the world say, i would definitely don't want to have my graduation day. period. (unless a miracle sets in lah).

p/s: i am sooooo not going to wear that ugly 'oh-i-look-like-a-genius-scholar' square hat.

lyana said...

darling..the phd hat lagi bodoh okie..but i want!! ;)