tidy up your room

My life seems like a big mess lately. It's just the season.

It's as messy as my whole house is right now. It's raining a lot lately, so I had to push the whole damp laundry in, and hang them inside.

The few facts that I was being robbed,
and my computer crashed for real,
and my personal fund is getting so little that it hardly can afford my jobless life no more,
made me feel like my life is in a huge mess.

As messy as my house is.

But therein exist something powerful; the power of to decide what to do next.

I have already decided to plunge myself quietly into misery of all the things that happened upon me.

Regardless that I still act as usual.
Regardless that I will still laugh, take things like they are just, you know, small matter.

But there would always be the occasional deep sigh of mourning and depression because it felt like I don't have any choice but to be sad.

The truth is, all these are just momentary.

Be it a month that I won't be able to purchase a replacement of the precious thing that was stolen from me.

Be it weeks until I can get my crashed computer be repaired.

Be it cluster of days until I get myself employed.

Yeah, my life now is messy.
As messy as my house is.

Soon there will be spring cleaning and everyone will envy my life and my house again.


Bibik Nyonya said...

Everybody has one of those days hun..i felt like giving up on life when i first started working without a car and i used a big half of my payroll on public transportation...until i dunno what's the point of me working.

Just hang on to dear life; once you land yourself a decent job, you'll earn money and you'll be able to breathe again. Sikkkkit lagi!!

lyana said...

kena rompak?????????? what happened. mak risau alreadi.