I heard that people say, supernatural stuff is common in Indonesia.

There is one desserted old hotel in front of the smaller hotel that we stayed at while were in Palembang.
This huge desserted hotel stopped its operation two years ago after the whole building caught fire. The fire was ignited by a short circuit happened at the ground floor.
Unfortunatedly, one person who slept at the top floor died because of the incident.

I took one picture of the hotel at night with my digital camera.

I checked the photo. It was clear, and the hotel looked esthetically eerie.
I took another photo, just in case the first one wouldn’t look nice after I transfer it in my PC.

It is said by paranormal experts that these white globular marks are signs of supernatural presence.
That’s the first time I saw so many of it in just one photo.
My theory is, perhaps it’s the fact that such a huge building being left for two years untouched, that attracted the unknowns to be the new residents in it.


cain & abel said...

wow....what can i say....I LURVE the pics! Call me morbid but its really fascinating; knwowing the fact that's its authentic.

lyana said...

umar: why lama tak update sayang oii?